The power of words



"A single word is enough for Life to take on meaning"


Mantra Formula (a formula for meditation based on energy and the power of words)

by the vibrations of sound and its resonance have the power to modify its environment, thus

and the people reciting it) illustrate the meaning and purpose of this theme.

Writing by pen, manual calligraphy.

Colours can be supplied as required. But the basic colors are the 7 colors of the Chakra.


Root Chakra


Name: Muladhara

Color: Red

Key Word I am

Note : C

Son/Voyelle : A

Physical Element: Earth

Physical sense: Smell

Body Part: Leg Zone - Bone System - Elimination System

Associated Gland: Adrenals

Energetic Body : Physical Body

Balanced Chakra: Trust-Security-Relation with mother, money, work...

Imbalanced Chakra: Doubt, Fear, Insecurity.


Lumbar or Sacred Chakra


Name : Svadhistana

Color: Orange

Keyword: I feel

Note : RE

Son/Voyelle : E

Physical Element: Water

Physical Sense: Taste

Body Part: Lumbar Area - Belly System - Reproductive System - Elimination System

Associate Gland : Gonades

Energetic Body : Emotional Body

Balanced Chakra: Pleasure-Creativity-Harmonious Relationship with Sex-Food

Imbalanced Chakra: Difficulty to let oneself go sensoryly



Solar Plexus Chakra


Name: Manipura

Color: Yellow

Keyword: I Want

Note : MI

Son/Voyelle : I

Physical Element: Fire

Physical Meaning: View

Body Part: Plexus Digestive System Area

Associated Gland: Pancreas

Energetic Body : Mental Body

Balanced Chakra: Freedom-Control-Power of Mind and Intellect-Good Self-Image Radiating Ability.

Imbalanced Chakra: Feeling of inability to control one's Life-Judgment-Colere-Problem to Take One's Place.


Heart Chakra


Name: Anahata

Color: Green

Keyword : I like

Note : FA

Son/Voyelle : O

Physical Element: Air

Physical Sense : Touch

Body Part: Thoracic Zone - Cardiac System, Immune - Blood Circulation

Associate Gland: Thymus

Energy Body : Astral Body

Balanced Chakra: Ability to Love, Give, Accept

Imbalanced Chakra: Difficulty loving oneself or others



Throat Chakra


Name : Vishudda

Color: Sky Blue

Keyword: I communicate

Note : G

Son/Voyelle : U

Physical Element: Ether

Physical Meaning: Hearing

Body Part: Throat and Arms Metabolism System Zone

Associated Gland: Thyroid

Energetic Body : Ethereal Body

Balanced Chakra: Ability to Express, Listen, Follow Intuition-Sense of a Force that guides and accompanies us

Imbalanced Chakra: Difficulty expressing what you want or feel.


Front Chakra(Third Eye)


Name: Aina

Color: Dark Blue

Keyword: I See

Note : LA

Son/Voyelle : Y "Say EM

Physical Element : ---

Physical sense : ----

Body Part: Facial Area-Endocrine System

Associated Gland: Hypohyseum

Energetic Body : Buddhist Body

Balanced Chakra: Ability to See Motives Beyond Actions-Lucidity- Self-realization

Imbalanced Chakra: Confusion about our deep nature - stopping at the surface of things


Crown Chakra


Name: Sahasrara

Color: Violet

Keyword: I Know

Note : SI

Sound/Voyal: Y "Say EM

Physical Element : ---

Physical sense : ---

Body Part: Brain Area-Central Nervous System

Associated Gland: Hypophysis (Pineal)

Energetic Body : Causal Body

Balanced Chakra: Total Unity Experience: Omniscience, Omnipresence-Head Connected to the Great "ALL

Imbalanced Chakra: Feeling separated, Isolated-Perception that Life has no lack of direction-Problem with authority

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