"Life is an Art. 

For he who grasps the Artistic Nature of Life knows where to find Beauty.

Beautiful as an aesthetic aim that triggers enthusiasm-





















Top view




Above all, it is essential to recall the foundations of the Spherism style whose values are based on the fusion of Art and Literature.


Like some styles in the history of art, Spherism also has an aspiration in the field of housing, therefore in the field of architecture.


Here we present the first lines (shapes) of the foreground of a house in the "Spherism" style.


NB: The images presented above allow you to make a visual and concrete approach on the forms, without presenting the details of the plan and its evolution in 5 years.

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The operation of an area of more or less 165.17 acres



A surface of 165.17 arpents available and exploitable in at least 5 years, at most in 10 years for the constructions of the houses of the Spherism style.


In the surface will be built only houses of the Spherism style. 


Only Spherism style adherents will build on the surface.  


The images above represent the structure of a house whose owner's name is Raoul Sphérant, or the two "Letters", the "R" and the "R".


"S" in architecture.


Indeed, if an adherent of the Spherism style is called for example Georges Alain, his architecture will be the letter


"G" and the letter "A".

What is important is the real meaning that the future will give to this initiative, no matter what sense of value it takes... The craze to entertain artistically an episode of the lives of my fellow men and to bequeath to our offspring take precedence.

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