The Beauty of Nature





"The beauty of nature is in its harmony"



Whoever grasps the Artistic Nature of Life knows where to find the beautiful. Beauty as an aim

aesthetic that triggers enthusiasm...

In addition to its majestic nature, due to its verifiable coherence, nature highlights its

abstract aesthetics, providing a sense of pleasure or satisfaction.


Writing by pen, manual calligraphy.







Black & White






Each of these colours has its own raison d'être. 
        The most important thing is what we have in common "The Color of our Blood".


The Digit 0 :


This figure is in a way a "Non-figure". He exists to represent nothing! Amazing paradox! To name it nothing is to give it an existence, a value. The 0 is a Circle, of oval shape, it represents however another aspect that the simple representation of the mathematical value.


The 0 is the representation of a closed, closed, finite place, a relative perfection, in the image of the egg.


The Circle is the equidistant projection of the centra point. Each point of the circumference is linked in identity to its centre.


The centre starts nowhere and ends nowhere. Timeless, it is. We call it the egg of the world, so the 0 is this potential that comes out of the original nothing, the materia prima, which shelters possibilities of expansion, evolution. This is why, when it is associated with another number, it gives access to another starting stage, a scale of value (tens, hundreds, thousands etc.). 


The circle, the sphere, the seed, the nest symbolizes unity. Without the 0 the earth would not have its tranquility nor the sky its serenity. In conclusion, don't think of 0 as a common number. It is the analog symbol of all that exists (it is the symbol of the indisputable bond between Beings).

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