"Everything is movement, everything is change"

"Whoever grasps the Artistic Nature of Life knows where to find the" Beautiful ". Beauty as an Aesthetic aim that succeeds in engaging enthusiasm "

Impressionism (1874-1886), Abstract Art (1910-) Then Dadaism (1916-1920) which has foundations close to

"Spherism" and The Style "Fusionem-Bashkim" (1999):

The precepts of which are philosophical that are inspired by the three pillars of sustainable development on the grounds of the Social, the Economy, the Environment and even Politics.

The movement "Spherent" or "Spherism" is an intellectual movement, literary and artistic created in 1999, which is characterized by a challenge to conventions and constraints Ideological (Political ...), Social, Economic and Environmental (Natural ...) in order to try to bring a moral comfort, thus a social comfort.


The Style FUSIONEM-BASHKIM which is the subject of this first collection with 365 adages (Deposés) is a concept that merges Art and Literature.

By its values, "the power of fusion, unity, uniqueness and the craze to convey constructive messages to society", one of the main objectives of the movement "Spherism" with style -FUSIONEM-BASHKIM- is to propose a way of thinking in the sense of understanding more than what there is to understand, to suggest a way of thinking in the sense of not expressing oneself only to make people understand, but to speak also to inspire. Offering a vision of everything that revolves around the existence of Man with an interpretation and a positive message, in order to promote a state of well-being for each purchaser of his works.

Each work bears a unique serial number assigned to it, and this represents the DNA of the work.

a space will be available on to allow the owner of the work to verify the authenticity of his acquired property. This will be attested in real time with information related to the identity of the legal purchaser. This facilitates the identification and traceability of the work. A work of Art lost, stolen, then found is systematically returned to the last legal buyer.


The contact details of our distributors will be communicated in a few days.

Until the official space is updated.

All our works are made in two versions French / English.

In addition, we will occasionally perform works in other languages.

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